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Carrying on a tradition

Island Arrowsmith began in the spring of 2013 when finding wood shafts to make your own traditional wood arrows was very difficult. We are very fortunate to live in an area where finding the raw material needed is easy. My wood working hobby turned into a small online business. We run a small shop behind my residence and love working with the raw material needed to make different types of wood arrow shafts. We cut five types of raw wood shafts. (Western Hemlock, Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Nootka Cypress and Sitka Spruce) We have feathers, nocks, field tips and hot melt adhesives for making your own ammunition.  

Custom made arrows in the colours you choose.

The creation of a set of custom made traditional wood arrows is truly labour of love. The artisan that takes on this task needs the patience, imagination and time to create a one of a kind piece of art. From the raw shaft to the finished arrow may take as much as three to four hours to complete all the steps required. This time needed is reflected in our pricing. Our arrows are hand made one at a time and I hope they reflect the pride we take in making them. As you can see in the pictures in the section below we can make up a set of custom arrows to suit your needs and personality.    


Working with and for our customers

We have put together a NEW kit designed to get you started making your own ammunition. The kit contains all the parts and pieces needed to make your first dozen wood shaft arrows. Have a look below for the details.

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Island Arrowsmith

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